Tuesday, 18 December 2018
Ellembele - Man arrested for attempting to sell son for GHC100,000

Ellembele - Man arrested for attempting to sell son for GHC100,000

The police at Ellembele in the Western Region have arrested a man who attempted to sell his 14-year-old son to an NDC constituency chairman, Alex Mahama.

Samuel (the father),a Fante from Agona Sweduro in the central region but residing at Samenye in the Jomoro District and his counterpart attempted to sell the young boy to the NDC constituency chairman who had, together with another person, posed as a potential buyers so as to arrest the man.

According to the NDC constituency chairman, he had a tip-off from a "gethoe" of wee smokers at Awiebo in the Ellembele District that the suspect was ready to sell his son for a financial breakthrough.

The police at Ayinase was notified after the suspects had agreed to meet them at a hotel at Ayinase with the boy upon which the man was arrested.

The NDC official stated that after bargaining the price down to 60000 from the initial 100000 proposal, the suspects went home to bring the innocent child for sale - a development which effected their arrests. The police were quick to arrest the suspects in the hotel.

Currently, the two suspects have been reminded in the police custody pending further investigations.

Ghana is one of the fastest developing countries in West Africa today. Not only does the country boast of a vast wealth of resources in terms of natural resources but also good infrastructure both physical and technology wise.

Despite these developments, Ghana still lags behind when it comes to human trafficking. Currently, the menace is more predominant than it was in the past with the biggest victims being young children. According to statistics on child trafficking in Ghana, out of 187 countries, Ghana was ranked at tier 2 in to watch list countries.

A 2017 report named; "Enhancing Criminal Accountability and Addressing Challenges in Prosecution Efforts,” is a report that sought to come up with solutions that will be effective in ending human slavery in the world.

These child trafficking in Ghana statistics in Ghana is not something new. In June of 2009, the USA Department of trafficking in Persons Report released a full report documenting at least 30,000 children working as porters, fishermen, and others primarily being used for sexual tourism.

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