Thursday, 15 November 2018
Ghanaian Man Bet Against the World Cup 2018 Favorites and Won 240,800 GHS!

Ghanaian Man Bet Against the World Cup 2018 Favorites and Won 240,800 GHS!

Is it possible to make money on sports betting? Yes, says Peter Dumelo from Ghana, who has earned more than 240,000 cedis in less than 1 month by placing bets on the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches - the biggest sports betting event in the world.

The tournament that took place in Russia is hailed as the most unpredictable World Cup in the recent football history.

But was it actually as unpredictable as people think?

Peter Dumelo disagrees. The 26-year-old bettor’s success is a living example that the competition was not as unpredictable as many fans might think.

Of course, the 2018 FIFA World Cup had been unleashing surprises since the first kick-off game on 14 June. Who would have predicted that the Germans will be beaten by South Korea and sent home before the play-off round?

We’ve seen Spain being knocked out by Russia, Argentina put to the sword by Croatia.

There were shock exits and non-stop drama. There’s no doubting this World Cup has been one of the most exciting ever. Finally, it came to an unbelievable end when France won over Croatia in a stunning match – one of the most fascinating finals of the last few decades.

What’s his secret?

We’ve contacted the successful Ghanaian bettor and tried to reveal his secret. Here’s how he explained his unprecedented winnings.

Peter Dumelo: I’m a huge fan of France and put 500 GHS on Les Bleus. It was the only irrational bet I made. Well, France were 6/1 favorites. They played in the 2016 EURO final and the squad is as great as the legendary team that won the World Cup 20 years ago. With an impressive pool of talent, which includes huge stars like Mbappé, Griezmann, Pogba, as well as hard-working geniuses like Kante and Varane, I believed they’d become the champions. So, it wasn’t a sucker's bet at all.

But, it wasn’t France’s victory that made me rich.

I was also making some “crazy” bets against the favorites. Now you know that I was not even remotely crazy. For example, I bet against Germany. Well, we know what happened there. How did I predict their disgrace?

It’s simple. I USED MY BRAINS.

While bookmakers encouraged us to put our money on Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain, I analyzed the shape of the teams and considered the context of the games.

I knew Joachim Löw’s team would face trouble right after he had dropped Leroy Sane. I think Löw’s stale tactics and inflexible thinking is a key reason why Germany failed so badly. I didn’t rely on their status of favorites and bet against them. The result? Thousands of cedis in my pocket!

Argentina? The same story! Sampaoli made an outrageous decision to reject Mauro Icardi who had been brilliant for the entire season. Too reliant on Messi’s miracles, the team resembled a ghost without a great striker. I knew that that would happen and I took advantage of the Argentinian manager’s poor judgement.

I was sure that this World Cup would be a nightmare for Spain. No wonder! Shit is surely gonna happen when your manager lets your team down by leaving for Real Madrid just a few days before the tournament kicks off!

There are always a few dark horses in the running for every major tournament. That’s why I bet on Croatia and Belgium. Until they faced France, of course. Sorry, Croats and Red Devils, but I was right again.

Maybe this is one of the weirdest World Cups. But it produced a number of chances that I took advantage of!

So, what’s my secret? USE YOUR BRAINS! Don’t be blinded by fans and bookies. Sports betting is not just gambling. It’s a lifestyle. Think, analyze, and rely on your intuition.

What’s next? Croatia’s remarkable run to the final and the premature departures of powerhouses like Germany, Spain and Argentina show that international football can still be so unpredictable, in contrast with the UEFA Champions League, a competition dominated by a few wealthy clubs.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo's unexpected move to Juventus and the Serie A is positive news for bettors. I think the upcoming Champion’s League will be as unpredictable as the World Cup. Which means more false favorites and more insane winnings!

The last, but bot the least. Choosing a reliable sportsbook is as important as predicting the World Cup’s winner. Thanks to the Internet, it is a million times easier to place bets on everything these days. But there’s a problem. Tons of scam as well as some crooked bookies, unwillingness to pay out. Yes, I won a small fortune, but I might have not seen that money. I strongly recommend to make bets on trusted sites. Personally, I prefer 1XBet. It is one of the best-known betting sites in Ghana. I’ve never had a problem with payouts. The variety of bets, service and bonuses are also excellent. If you’re going to bet on football for the first, it’s the perfect option for you be cause it’s very newbie-friendly.

The Champion’s Leagues is approaching! We know that whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will not miss the chance to place some bets. Whether betting for fun, or a real desire to reap significant gains, the CL is the best opportunity to bet on football. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a lot of money just like Peter Dumelo!