Thursday, 15 November 2018

About Us


Twin City Radio is the Western Regional FM Station of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation just opposite the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital off the STMA road. Twin City Radio was established on the 27th of August, 1994 making it the first radio station in the Western Region thus giving it the title “RADIO MU ABAKANBA” by Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to help spread information far and wide to the country. As it is the responsibility of every organization to have both a mission and vision statement, Twin City’s vision is to be authentic and trustworthy voice of Ghana while the mission statement also is lead the broadcasting and communication industry through quality programming which promote the development and cultural aspiration of Ghana with an initial kilowatt of five (5)K.

This increased with an installation of 2,500 kilowatt transmitter. It is one of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation‘s regional bases of which transmits on two distinct frequency which are 94.7mhz metropolis and the 88. 1mhz managed by the sub- station at Tarkwa. Apart from radio, Twin City Radio has a department for television which transmits live feed from GTV in Accra. Twin City Radio has a frequency range which covers every part of the Western Region, parts of the Greater Accra region, part of the Ashanti region, part of Brong- Ahafo, Central region and part of Cote D’Ivoire. Being a government or state owed corporation, one of its main objectives is to inform the Ghanaian public through education and entertainment.

As the only station in the Twin City with direct link to the national broadcasting house, it has the responsibility of issuing permits to any media house which wishes to start up and also collect some dues from the private media houses from time to time on behalf of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation for certain transmissions and television coverage. The radio has a total staff of about 52 who have been distributed to the Nine (9) department there namely:

Administration, Accounts, Audit, Marketing, News, Programmes, Engineering, Technical and Television.
Twin City Radio has a Regional Director who sees to the day to day Operations and running of the Station and report to the mother house in Accra.